Cloud Direct Connect

Connect directly to any major public cloud

Cloud Direct Connect Service

Cloud Direct Connect is a network service that provides an alternative to using the Internet to connect your premises to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and other major public clouds. With Cloud Direct Connect, you can establish a direct connection to public clouds which provides you the most reliable, highest speed, and lowest latency connection available to major public clouds.

Cloud Direct Connect allows you to establish private connectivity between public clouds and your data center, office, and/or colocation environment.

Cloud direct connect

Our Cloud Direct Connect Differentiators

1. Connect to any Cloud from your location
Keep your equipment on site, we will connect you to any Cloud through your ManagedWay Internet connection.

2. Connect to any Cloud zone in North America
We have the dedicated network infrastructure to connect you privately, to any Cloud zone in North America.

3. Connect to any Cloud from our datacenter
Bring your equipment to our Colocation Facility, we can easily connect you directly to Any Cloud.

ManagedWay Cloud Direct Connect Advantages

Most major public cloud customers give little to no consideration regarding their connection to the public clouds. ManagedWay’s intelligent network is intentionally designed to provide the most efficient path between your office location or data center to the public cloud provider of your choice.

A ManagedWay Cloud Direct connection means higher reliability, less downtime, higher security, more app development, more efficiency out of your current staff, and full utilization of your investment in the public cloud.

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Benefits and Features

Ultra-High Speed

We offer the bandwidth flexibility you need and demand, with connections up to 100Gbps available to scale as your business grows.

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Robust SLA

Our unmatched Service Level Agreement guarantees 100% global network and power availability ensuring continuous uptime, balanced network utilization, and high performance.

Low Latency

Our low latency infrastructure is optimized for high-performance connectivity, providing near real-time access for your sensitive business operations.

Fully Managed

Our skilled Data Center technicians provide comprehensive and customized support 24/7/365.

Consistent Performance

You choose the data utilization through our dedicated connection, providing you with a consistent network experience.

Private Connectivity

Establish a private virtual interface from your on-premise network directly to a specific private cloud, assuring you a secure high-speed bandwidth connection.

Why Choose ManagedWay Cloud Direct Connect

ManagedWay’s Cloud Direct Connect is the ideal private network solution that grows with your business. Leverage our experience to reduce your network costs, increase bandwidth, and provide a more consistent network experience than Internet-based connections. We are here to support you 24/7/365 with our expert data center technicians. Our team has the responsiveness, agility, and customer focus you’ve been looking for. Contact us today and transform your workflow!


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