We are excited to announce enhancements to our customer support and service experience. We have introduced a new support portal and a separate service portal to provide you with easy access to resources, improved communication, and efficient support for your needs. Here are the essential links and information you need to navigate both our new systems:

Support Portal: https://my.managedway.com

Visit our support portal to access our growing knowledge base and other helpful resources. This portal is dedicated to providing you with assistance and information related to any technical issues or questions you may have.

Service Portal: https://portal.managedway.com/

Our service portal is designed for managing your account, services, and billing information. Here, you can handle provisioning, access online controls for our services, and review your account details. Our services include Dedicated Internet, Colocation, and Cloud Computing.

Service Portal – Billing: https://portal.managedway.com/clientarea.php?action=invoices

Access your billing information, view and pay invoices through this link.

Service Portal – Services and Controls: https://portal.managedway.com/clientarea.php?action=products

Manage your services and access online controls for our offerings using this link.

Password Reset for Service Portal: https://portal.managedway.com/index.php?rp=/password/reset

If you have never accessed the service portal or have forgotten your password, use this link to reset it. Please note that this password is different from our support portal password.

New Request: https://my.managedway.com/kb-tickets/new

You can submit a request for assistance without providing account details. We will validate your affiliation with the account, allowing your staff to reach us quickly and without the need for login.

Ticket History: https://my.managedway.com/tickets

Access your support history here, including all email, live chat, form, and social media requests. We can track user interactions across organizations for a seamless support experience.

Password Reset for Support Portal: https://my.managedway.com/_hcms/mem/reset/request

If you have never accessed the new support portal or have forgotten your password, use this link to reset it.

Knowledge Base: https://my.managedway.com/knowledge

As we develop our knowledge base, this section will be populated with common issues and suggested solutions, making it easier to find the answers you need.

We hope these resources help you navigate our new support and service portals effectively. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.