Managed Backups

Fast, Reliable, Secure, and Easy Backups for your Cloud or Physical Server. Backup your Data to our Hardened Data Centers, from any Location in the World, with the Click of a Button.

Backup any Virtual Machine or Physical Server in three easy steps


Packages available from 1TB to 10TB with the click of a button.


Select the number of licenses to match the quantity of Virtual Machines or Physical Servers that need to be Backed Up.

Configure Your BACKUPS

Set the schedule and parameters for your Managed Backups.

Order Managed Backups

Benefits and Features


Backup up your data as frequently as every 15 minutes with incremental backups performed at the block level.

Continuous Data Protection

Continuous Data Protection provides an advantage over traditional file backups, including speed of operations, the performance of backups, and a reduction in disk and network I/O.

Block-Based Backups

Block-level backups bypass file systems and read directly from the disk or volume, providing a performance-friendly backup regardless of the number of files.

Backup Monitoring and Reports

Monitor your data to make sure it’s safe from corruption. Disk Safe Verification can be scheduled to run periodically or on-demand detecting and alerting you in the event of corruption.

Data Retention Policies

Define a replication goal (for example, every 15 minutes) and how many recovery points to retain. Old recovery points are automatically merged, and their storage is recycled.

AES-256 Encryption

AES-256 Disk Safe Encryption can be enabled at the time of the creation of Disk Safes for backup data, aiding in the protection of data stored in the backup server and over the network.


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