IP Transit

Supercharge your business with route-optimized bandwidth at speeds up to 100Gbps

What is IP Transit?

IP Transit is a service that provides connectivity to the Internet. A network that provides IP transit is called an "upstream network." IP Transit consists of two bundled services:

  1. The advertisement of customer routes to other ISPs, thereby requesting inbound traffic toward the customer from them.
  2. The advertisement of other ISPs' routes to the ISP's customer, thereby requesting outbound traffic from the customer towards these networks.
IP Transit

Our IP Transit Advantages

ManagedWay provides the most cost-effective, scalable, and high capacity IP Transit services available. We have the ability to combine multiple ports, independent of geography, with different billing options for all traffic. Our flexible billing options allow for services to be provisioned based on full-rated ports, aggregate port consumption, and on a 95th percentile basis. ManagedWay offers global aggregate port consumption across ports located anywhere in the world, which combines multiple ports onto one line item and enables superior cost efficiency.

IP Transit Intelligent Network

ManagedWay’s intelligent network automatically detects network congestion and outages and reroutes traffic to the best performing path. Our optimized network minimizes latency by up to 40% and packet loss on an average of 80% when a problematic route is detected. Our high-quality blended IP Transit offering is trusted by many businesses, Internet service providers, data centers, colocation facilities, government institutions, municipalities - even several Fortune 50 companies.

Our State-of-the-Art Network

Connectivity is critical for your business. That's why we built our network from the ground up, creating world-class infrastructure backed by industry leading software and best practices. Our engineers designed our network to be the fastest and most reliable while providing the lowest latency possible. We provide superior, route-optimized, blended bandwidth, carried over our 100Gbps+ Fiber Optic Network. We've earned hundreds of loyal customers and hope to earn your business as well. 

ManagedWay's network is multi-homed, giving our clients the dependability and flexibility that single-homed providers simply cannot match. ManagedWay has an open peering policy and is constantly expanding its peering arrangements with a roster of global providers at major public Internet exchanges. ManagedWay understands how critical your network is, which is why we offer a comprehensive portfolio of data services and result-orientated solutions to fit your unique needs.

Benefits and Features


Competitive pricing structures allow you to use your time and money more efficiently and focus on your core business needs.

Flexible Billing Options

Services can be provisioned on 95th percentile basis, full-rated port basis, or aggregate port consumption basis.

Route Optimized Network

Automated intelligent network detects outages, network congestion, and packet loss to automatically reroute traffic to the best performing path available. Additionally, we do not employ least-cost routing.

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Robust SLA

Our unmatched Service Level Agreement guarantees 100% global network availability ensuring continuous uptime and the highest performance.


Complete visibility from the core network to our devices, with fully automated monitoring, reporting, and notifications.


IP Transit capacity can be increased at any time to meet the needs of your growing business.


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